Website updates - 19-May-2016 Status email

I have made good progress on the Residential side.

1) There is now a home page with buttons for Residential and Commercial. The Residential button works and takes you to the Index page for the Residential projects.  The Commercial button does not do anything yet.

2) I added the text for the Residential sections on Practice, Clients and Contact.

3) I have now finished all the Residential pages for Educational and Multi Family.  I will start on the Single Family pages in the morning.

4) I set the font colors to be black throughout.

Please look this over and let me know how it looks to you.  Also, if you spot any odd things, let me know.

By the way, it turns out that using the larger images that were on the Thumb Drive did not work out.  Squarespace switched over to one image per page mode and that made navigation hard.  So I pulled the slightly smaller images down from the current website instead.

Also, where an image had two pictures side-by-side, I split the pictures.  I think pasting them side-by-side was probably necessary with the old website to get consistency in sizing.  Squarespace seems to adapt quite well to having different sized images all together on a page.

I plan to be in my office (the desk in my apartment) until just after 11:00 a.m. on Friday.  Then I need to get over to Santa Barbara.  I will be back in my office on Saturday.

Thank you for the project.  I am really enjoying this.