Website updates - 15-May-2016 Template Selection

Initial review of template alternatives focused on templates that support:

  • Index pages - to provide an overview of the sites
  • Gallery pages - to display the words and pictures for each site
  • Sidebar navigation - to put the menu selection on the right

Focusing on the Sidebar navigation narrowed the selection to Wells.  No other template has full support for Sidebar navigation outside of Blog pages.  But, Wells does not support Index pages.  This implies we must drop the requirement to use Sidebar navigation.

Dropping the Sidebar navigation left several choices.

  • Initial quick survey of several templates suggests that Avenue does Index pages and Gallery pages with a layout that is aligned with the current site, although not an exact match
  • Built an initial prototype showing:
    • A Residential Index page
    • Two Galleries - Pepperdine and USC Bimkrant